Gallery Artist
Patrick Bastardoz
  • Patrick Bastardoz, considers his practice of painting regarding to the History of the Painting in general. " I am sensitive to the job, to the knowledge and to the pictorial technique, I like to spend time looking at the painting of others, Masters and unknown artits, and I’m asking myselft how did they work, how did they manage to do so. "

Since 2006, he has undertaken an exploration of the subject of the construction of buildings in painting, an exercise of experimentation and variation on the same theme. He is attracted by the numerous similarities existing between the construction of a building and the creation of a painting on the canvas.

His work has not only for subject construction sites themselves but indeed the Painting. The connections are stiring : structure of the building and composition of the painting, foundations of the construction and background on the canvas, wall coating and layers, finishes and glaze, etc.... Paintings of constructions or construction of paintings, the painting reveals its phases of construction, by the succession of layers. In the same way one can see the different stages of the construction of a building, an attentive glance by the spectator will allow to distinguish the diverse stages of their construction.

The artist invites us to share a new vision, an other questioning on construction, on the beauty of a tourmented sky, on the nuances and shades of materials and on the architectural erection. It is in a way a pictorial attempt to build in our spirits another image of the urbanity and the place of the Human in the city.


Indeed, his researches highlight our daily environment in movement, the presence, as well as the metamorphosis of which we tend to forget the existence.

The construction site under construction will become a building and will eventually take place in the landscape to modify the aspect of it. In the same way the artist paints a railway car of ballast, not only he reminds us that " the object " belongs to our landscape, and that as such it is worthy of interest, but he also shows us by the marks of rusts (enhanced by the drippings of paintings that the artist has done on the canvas) that this "object" is evolving, undergoing the climate and the time passing.

There is, in Patrick Bastardoz’s work, an evocation of the time passing, its impact on the buildings and on the objects. It’s a painting which is divested of human tracks. We feel the will there to describe a feeling of abandonment and desertion, because we finally don’t know if the constructions are always in progress, or if they have been stopped for several years. As well, the railway cars which are on sidings are out of work, corroded by rust, but they may probably run.

Finally, a work full of latency state and where time has stopped, the spectator of the paintings to decide on the future scenario.

Born 1970 in Strasbourg, France. Bachelor Degree of Art, University of Strasbourg. Lives and works in Strasbourg, France.


Solo Shows (Selection)

  • 2018          Galerie Bertrand gillig, solo-show
  • 2017          Galerie De Twee Pauwen, La Haye, (NL)
  • 2017          Deux Patrick, sinon rien!  duo-show with P. Cornillet, Galerie Bertrand Gillig
  • 2016          Galerie Bertrand Gillig
  • 2016          Galerie Courant d'Art Mulhouse
  • 2016          Ville ou campagne, Galerie Bertrand Gillig, Duo show with Benoît Trimborn
  • 2015          Galerie de l’Europe, Paris (France)
  • 2015          Tours de Babel, Le lieu d'Europe, Strasbourg (France)
  • 2015          Galerie Clairefontaine, (Luxembourg)
  • 2015          Exhibition in the Cathedral of Strasbourg during the commemorations of the millennium of the foundations of the Cathedral Notre-Dame, curated by Bertrand Gillig
  • 2015          Dialogue entre deux cathédrales, Galerie Bertrand Gillig, Strasbourg
  • 2015          Countryside exhibition, Ciné Bussière Strasbourg
  • 2014          Galerie Bertrand Gillig, Strasbourg
  • 2013          Galerie de l’Europe, Paris
  • 2012          Galerie Bertrand Gillig, Strasbourg
  • 2011          Promenons-nous dans les bois, Galerie Bertrand Gillig, duo show with Louis Danicher 
  • 2010          Twee Pauwen Gallery, The Hague, (Nederland)
  • 2009          Galerie de l’Europe, Paris
  • 2009          Grues, echafaudages et cathédrales, Galerie Espace G/Gillig, Strasbourg
  • 2008          Galerie de l’Europe, Paris
  • 2008          Council of Europe, Strasbourg (France)
  • 2008          Chantiers, SERS with Galerie Espace G/Gillig (France)
  • 2007          Chantiers en peinture, peintures en chantier, Galerie Espace G 
  • 2005          Council of Europe, Strasbourg (France)
  • 2003          Galerie Neun, Ettenheim, (Germany)
  • 2001          Council of Europe, Strasbourg (France)


Group shows (Selection)

  • 2017          AAF Brussels with Galerie Bertrand Gillig
  • 2015          St-Art, International Art Fair, Strasbourg with Galerie Bertrand Gillig
  • 2015          Twee Pauwen Gallery, The Hague, (Nederland)
  • 2014          St-Art, International Art Fair, Strasbourg with Galerie Bertrand Gillig
  • 2013          Galerie Mark Hachem, Paris (France)
  • 2013          St-Art, International Art Fair, Strasbourg with Galerie Bertrand Gillig
  • 2013          Rotterdam, Twee Pauwen Gallery, The Hague, (Nederland)
  • 2012          St-Art, International Art Fair, Strasbourg with Galerie Bertrand Gillig
  • 2012          Hollande, Twee Pauwen Gallery, The Hague, (Nederland)
  • 2012          Galerie de l’Europe Paris (France)
  • 2012          Galerie Mark Hachem, Paris (France)
  • 2011          St-Art, International Art Fair, Strasbourg with Galerie Bertrand Gillig
  • 2011          Galerie de l’Europe Paris (France)
  • 2011          AAF New-York, international Art Fair with Galerie Bertrand Gillig (USA)
  • 2011           Passe de Trois, with Stéphane Joannes & Patrick Cornillet, Galerie Bertrand Gillig
  • 2010          Galerie Ame Couleurs, Fleurier, (Switzerland)
  • 2010          Mag Montreux, (Switzerland) with Galerie Ame Couleurs
  • 2010          Paysages Contemporain, Galerie Espace G, Strasbourg
  • 2009          Harmony, Twee Pauwen Gallery, The Hague, (Nederland)
  • 2009          St-Art, International Art Fair, Strasbourg with Espace G/Galerie Bertrand Gillig 
  • 2009          Slick Art Fair Paris with Espace G/Galerie Bertrand Gillig
  • 2009          Construction/Déconstruction, édition 2, Galerie Espace G
  • 2009          Affordable Art Fair, Bruxelles (Belgique) with Galerie Espace G
  • 2008          Galerie Vincent Huot, Brussels, (Belgium)
  • 2008          Galerie de l’Europe, Paris