Guest Artist
Fantine Andrès

Fantine Andrès, prize-winner in 2012 of the Rotary Arts prize, draws with graphite pencil scenes composed of items of lost property, materials, hair, birds etc … as if they had been saved from a strange cataclysm …

She begins her work of drawing with a phase of documentation. She photographs objects chosen for their various aspects, textures, colors, lights, with the aim of establishing a picture library. These are stored, sorted out, used or put aside ... to be finally assembled.

Corals, raw meat, cigarette ends are elements identified, anchored in the reality, the connotations of which attract or disgust. Her challenge is to moove away from these expected impressions. The less noble and noble objects live then randomly, close from the hybridization, and the perspectives become impossible.

The depiction aims at first sight at a certain realism, but objects are used, transformed: the branches of trees become geometrical, the meat becomes sticks. Very rich and textured, they become confused and testify of a real bias. They are not simply reproduced but suited. This kind of still life is suspended between two states, flirting with the limits of the terrible and the attractive, arousing the interrogation.

Fascinated by the sensual depiction, but also disturbing because of the use of the graphite pencils, her drawings create an intriguing balance. This is strengthened by the white background of the paper, drawings look like if they were cut or stuck. Tones are strong and homogeneous in opposition of a too much waited contrast.

Fantine Andrès was born in 1983, she lives and works in Strasbourg (France)

She is graduates in 2009 with a Master of Arts (DNSEP & DNAP), from l'École Supérieure d’Art et de Design Saint-Étienne (ESADSE)


Exhibitions (selection)

  • 2016          Bedsitter Art Fair Vienne (Autria)
  • 2015          Perimetro, duo show with Thomas Bischoff – Transverso arte contemporáneo Oaxaca – (Mexico)
  • 2015          Dreams, duo show with Elisabeth Fréring – galerie Bertrand Gillig (France)
  • 2015          Passage Vauban + restitution bastion 14, FRAC Sélestat, Group show – barrage Vauban, Strasbourg curated by the "commissaires anonymes" – (France)
  • 2015          Les moustaches Radar – Résonances daliniennes dans l’art contemporain, group show – Le radar – (France)
  • 2015          Pas si Love ! Edition 2, galerie Bertrand Gillig - Strasbourg
  • 2014          Regionale 15, Group show - Strasbourg Art library 
  • 2014          Pas si Love ! galerie Bertrand Gillig - Strasbourg (France)
  • 2014          PARC 5 - Group show - Ostwald (France)
  • 2013          Biennale d’Issy, Musée de la carte à jouer - Issy-les-Moulineaux
  • 2013          Expo au parc, Outdoor exhibitionof sculptures and installations, Ostwald (France)
  • 2013          Contes d’hiver, galerie Bertrand Gillig - Strasbourg
  • 2013          La Fête en duo with Aline Robin - galerie enjoyted - Lyon (France)
  • 2012          Immaculée conception, La semencerie, Group show - Strasbourg -
  • 2012          Prize-winners exhibition - Rotary club - Saint-Louis (France)
  • 2012          Bienvenue - galerie OP-Nord - Stuttgart (Germany)
  • 2012          Awarded first prize, Rotary club - Prize-winners exhibition at the galerie Bertrand Gillig - Strasbourg (France)
  • 2012          De chairs et de voiles - jardins de la Ferme Bleue - duo show with Alexia Bretaudeau - Uttenhoffen -
  • 2012          Solo show - galerie R9 - Saint-Sauveur-en-Puisaye. (France)
  • 2011          40 artistes 40 œuvres, galerie Henri Chartier - Lyon -
  • 2011          Art dating, Bischheim, group show -
  • 2011           Biennale d’Issy, Vanités contemporaines, Musée de la carte à jouer - Issy-les-Moulinaux - (France)
  • 2010          Là où il pleuvine, group show - l’Atelier - (France)
  • 2008          Biennale Internationale du Design "OFF", group show - Société des Arts du Forez - Saint-Etienne -