Past exhibition
La rivière la nuit
Solo show by Bruno Gadenne
April 23 - May 28, 2016

La rivière la nuit : The river the night


After a first exhibition "out-of-the walls" in Barclays Bank, Strasbourg, and a participation to St-Art, international art fair in 2014, the gallery is proud to present the first solo exhibition of Bruno Gadenne in a commercial gallery.

Bruno Gadenne will tell us stories on canvass about journeys, about nature, about forests and about water.

The artist comes back from a journey of several months in solo in Indonesia and he will present his last paintings.

" My painting is resolutely representational. Journeys worldwide and the photos which I take are the source of my works where we find numerous landscapes. Via diverse pictorial techniques, I try to integrate a strange feeling by diverting certain elements, to create a tension between the esthetic aspect and the disturbing aspect of the work. I also look for a double  reading : the quality of the material and the depth effects interests me just as much as the represented image. My ambitious intention is to capture the attention, to hypnotize the spectator. "


Bruno Gadenne