Past exhibition
Frédéric Deprun solo show
Exhibition at Cor Interlubke
March 21 - June 22, 2013

The Bertrand Gillig Gallery is invited for the third time at Cor interlübke Studio to expose Frédéric Deprun's works.

He produces paintings in the lively colors which refer to a wrongly innocent reality.

They are inspired by symbolic figurines of our children's games, fire brigades, tin soldiers and dolls thrones. The artist, through a hyperrealistic treatment plays on effects of scales, distortions and fuzziness (Bluring), to establish the confusion in the mind of the spectator. We are thrown in an unusual and extraordinary world where objects take life in almost real landscapes. 

In his compositions, Frédéric Deprun stages images of water, reflections, mirrors and misted windows suggesting two worlds which level each other, a passage between dream and reality. The characters make up playlets, each of them telling their own story. 

Taken as a whole, his works is an imaginary collection close to that of the tale.