Past exhibition
Cuisse froide
Solo show by Laure André
March 12 - April 9, 2016

The Bertrand Gillig Gallery presents the second personal exhibition of Laure André to the gallery, having presented her to Scope Basel last June (2015).


Cuisse froide : Cold thigh


The work of Laure André is very rich in meanings. She defines herself as plasticien, because she exercises her art on every types of media, even the most uncommon , as petals of "Money plant", real communion wafer, boxes of entomology, place mats, dresses, etc… 

Her artistic field structures around the memory : memories of the deceaseds, of the objects which belonged to them, of the traces they have left of their time on earth, in particular the maintenance of this memory through the acts of worship.

Laure André’s universe is not only conceptual, because she always attempts to create "finished" works, using the appropriate technical design, balanced with an accuracy of the gesture and always in search of a pure aestheticism.