Past exhibition
Benoît Trimborn
Solo Show
October 10 - November 8, 2015

Two years after his last personal exhibition in the gallery, Benoît Trimborn returns back to us with new works on his predilection fodepicting landscapes.

Of lands, it is here question, those of the country landscape: hills, ploughed fields, colza in flowers, forests under the mist, ponds and rivers. He also started a series on seas and oceans since 2013, a copy of which will be presented during this exhibition.

Seen closely, his paint seems fragile and abstract, with touches made with the knife and with the spatula, and lines drawn with the slice of the instrument. By moving back some meters hardly, we are enthralled by magnificent rural, almost photographic scenes.

They are eyes-catching due to their balanced compositions and the vibrancy of tints which open as a window towards imaginary, in particularly soothing panoramas.

Benoît Trimborn creates a paint of an exceptional maturity, the artist has just celebrated his 39 years old.

About twenty unpublished works will be presented ...