Past exhibition
The gallery to participate to BIENVENUE Artfair in Paris during the FIAC
12 - 20 October 2019

The gallery is proud to annonce that we participate to BIENVENUE Artfair in Paris during the FIAC

We will show :

- Sahin Çelikten : Turkisch artist living in Giessen Germany.

Leonardo Vargas :Colombian artist, 36 years old, living in Strasbourg.

These two artists use photography as the basis of their painting work. Sahin Çelikten uses his own photographs and creates works by covering all or part of the visual with paint, ink or varnish. Leonardo Vargas, chooses magazine pages or posters as a support to his paintings or creates original oil paintings that make think of repainted photos.


About the artist :

Sahin Çelikten

Leonardo Vargas

Voir le travail des artistes :

- Sahin Çelikten

Leonardo Vargas