Past exhibition
Passe de deux
Patrick Cornillet & Stéphane Joannes duo show
January 9 - February 6, 2016

The gallery proposes a meeting between two painters, settled both in the West of France : Patrick Cornillet, Inhabitant of Nantes and Stéphane Joannes, of l'Ile de Ré. They deal with the notion of the time passing, of the change of things by the weight of years and they speak to us about abandonment...

Stéphane Joannes's tankers of a raw realism are nevertheless of a rare poetry. They seem on levitation on a central horizon, between calm sea and quiet sky, painted in monochrome with sometimes the suggestion of some clouds. The see is often crossed with leakings of paints coming from the dirty hull. They seem in decay, ghosts vessels or old tubs always in service? 

Stéphane Joannes exposes in NewYork, Montreal, Paris and London, as well as with the gallery since 2009.


In his new series, started end of 2014, Patrick Cornillet, paints all of the surface of the board (white wooden Box) while until 2013, elements of architecture were taken out of their environment and reconstituted in the form of objects on white background. Where the austerity was the rule in the previous series - a real uncluttered work - now the buildings dialogue with their environment and new bright colors appear in the background. 

The infinite nuances of concrete, make us aware of the wealth of the material and of the remains left by the humans and by Time passing by. The work on the light is particularly impressive.The shadows are splendidly treated, bringing volume and contrast to the scene.

This rendering is eye-catching and raises questions.

Even if the architectures seem austere, spaces seeming uninhabited, dehumanized, Patrick Cornillet, with this very mastered work of an incredible strength creates a particular poetry and a mesmerizing mysticism. It is necessary to note that the paintings are all painted on elegant white wooden boxes, conferring on the "canvass" the status of a 3D object.

Patrick Cornillet was exhibited with the Gallery during Art Paris, Scope Basel, Art Copenhagen, Slick Paris and Brussels, as well as on numerous occasions during St-Art Strasbourg.