Past exhibition
Solo show by Laure André
April 26 - May 24, 2014

The Bertrand Gillig Gallery presents the first personal exhibition of Laure André in a commercial Gallery. The collaboration started late 2013 during the exhibition " Nature et découvertes " and then the artist participated in following both collective exhibitions, proof of the richness and the diversity of her work!

She was also presented last March in New York, during the Scope art fair.


The work of Laure André is very rich in meanings. She defines herself as plasticien, because she exercises her art on every types of media, even the most uncommon , as petals of "Money plant", real communion wafer, boxes of entomology, place mats, dresses, etc… she even realized moldings of chocolate.

Her artistic field structures around the memory : memories of the deceaseds, of the objects which belonged to them, of the traces they have left of their time on earth, in particular the maintenance of this memory through the acts of worship.

From this comes also a work on the subjects of death and on the fear of the wound, as well as on the function of objects and things that they have used, and finally on objects in general. The way they are used to such or such task, or that they are held with the hands of such or such way is an issue that interests the artist. The notion of appearance / disappearance is thus very present in its work, and Laure André strives to find the technique adequate to every artistic idea to serve this direction : stiff cardboard with punctured holes made with a needle to represent the memory of war veterans with severe facial injuries, silk organdie to suggest the fragility of the childhood and to create effects of duplication and ghosting, embroidery to express the preciosity, engraving on glass lens to engender shadows and reflexions …

Laure André’s universe is not only conceptual, because she always attempts to create "finished" works, using the appropriate technical design, balanced with an accuracy of the gesture and always in search of a pure aestheticism.