Past exhibition
Emilie Picard & Guests
With Karine Hoffman and Etienne Pottier
May 11-21, 2017

The gallery is presenting the recent paintings by Emilie Picard, born 1984 in Toulouse and graduated from the Ecole des Beaux-Arts de Marseille.

Emilie Picard undertakes a work which confines to decoration, illusion and artifice.

Paintings are made on white background which appears still clearly after the artist realized the motive, as if these paintings of (often) large format were watercolor or felt-tip penrawings. These parts of white evokes quite at the same time the birth and the wear of the image.

" The forms collapse and scatter, the painting becomes a laminated space where overlap the plans, in the style of a "thêatre of paper ".

Beside Emilie Picard, Karine Hoffman, born 1974 and living in Paris, graduated from the Ecole des Beaux arts de Paris (ateliers Alberola, Bioulès) and from the Casa Velasquez, Madrid, will show her paintings which evoke the confrontation of the time of the intimate to the history of her family.

Etienne Pottier, born 1983 and graduated from th Ecole des Arts-Décoratifs de Paris proposes us its ceramic sculptures and its graphite drawings iinspired by an esthetics "Black Métal", mixed with fine romanticism from the 19th century.