Past exhibition
Cap à l'ouest : Duo show with Patrick Cornillet & Stéphane Joannes
October 14 - 29, 2017

"Cap à l'Ouest", is an exhibition with two painters coming from the western part of France :  Patrick Cornillet from Nantes and Stéphane Joannes from the Ile de Ré.

They will present their last works.

Patrick Cornillet works on architectural views, painted on wooden panels while Stéphane Joannes pursues his successful series of tankers, and proposes us new paintings of sharks caught in the darkness.

Patrick Cornillet, been born in 1968, brings a new vision to his work by adding to the picture representing architectures or landscape, some sophisticated geometrical forms painted in degraded colors. This technique brings a breath of movement to the scenes which previously seemed deliberately static. A second series will present works in which elements of design are staged in interiors.

Stéphane Joannes who was recently exhibited in London and in New York, returns to the figure of the shark. The creature is surrounded with black appearing as in a photographic flash, revealing its grey and white tense forms, underlined with horizontal black trails of paint, like the coulures of his tankers paintings.


Address : 11 rue Oberlin à Strasbourg.

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