Past exhibition
May 11 - 26, 2019

Christoff Baron is working on pallet boards or scaffolding planks, partially sanded and then painted. The support reveals the random and anonymous traces of workers, on which the gesture of the painter, mastered and signed, is printed.

It is in this game of contrasts that the artist’s approach takes meaning: it pays tribute to the humble and yet necessary professions for the development of modern civilizations. The palettes, insignificant supports among all objects, or the planks, elements of the scaffolding that serves to build the supreme good, the house, are the invisible waste of consumerism. By giving them the status of a work of art, the artist invites the spectator to look at the work of those who manipulate them and give them a rich patina.

Christoff Baron will exhibit in the Strasbourg's Cathedral from Saturday 11 May during "Nuit des cathédrales", do not miss this unique event.


Gallery is opened from Thursday to saturday from 2:00 pm to 7:00 pm or bien appointement

Exceptionnally Open Sunday May 11. and Sunday May 26.


Adress : 11 rue Oberlin, Strasbourg - Tram Contades/Synagogue, 15 mn walk from the Cathedral