Guest Artist
Jacques Thomann

The subject of Jacques Thomann’s work is the expression of the human condition with its furies, its wounds and its fantasies.

His work is based on analyzing the images by observing his everyday life. He is taking his inspiration in many sources : newspaper, magazines, music, tv etc …

He is using all the possibilities of color, mixing the various tints of colors in a sort of patchwork, in an explosion of light.

Jacques Thomann's work crosses certain currents of the paint of the end of the XXth century, among them, in the 1970s, that of the narrative representation. He finds with Leonardo Cremonini, Henri Cueco, Bacon, David Hockney, Lucian Freund among others, the impulse of his creation.

Jacques Thomann's privileged theme is apparently the alive reality of the human being: a representation of the man in his social or natural environment on the scale of the infinitesimal or big. He takes up, by his perception of the alive, with the tradition of the paint of history.

He often represents regular people and he celebrates the humble objects which accompany the man in his daily life and which are within reach of his hand. He draws the attention on the most ordinary elements of the existence, perpetuates what risks to disappear, saves from the oversight what is threatened. The spontaneity of these journey diaries reveals a very personal and particuliar relationship with the color.

Jacques Thomann's painting is the adventure of a thought and a sensibility which uses the power of the color to make perceptible the mystery of people and objects which are familiar to us. 

Jacques Thomann was born in Paris (France) in 1951 


Solo Shows (Selection)

  • 2015          Galerie Bertrand Gillig, Strasbourg (France)
  • 2013          Galerie Bertrand Gillig, Strasbourg
  • 2010          Personnages haut en couleurs  (duo show with Jim Delarge) Galerie Bertrand Gillig,
  • 2009          Galerie Chantal Bamberger
  • 2004          Bartholdi, Le Lion, Colmar et Belfort , Strasbourg (France)
  • 2003          Galerie du Lézard, Colmar (France)
  • 2002          Espace d'art contemporain André Malraux, Colmar
  • 2002          Council of Europe, Strasbourg (France)
  • 2000          kleine Schlossgalerie Weiher Ahorntal, (Germany) 
  • 1999          Galerie Rémy Bucciali,Colmar
  • 1995          Studio arte/Arte. Verona, (Italy)
  • 1994          Fond de scène. Festival de musique.
  • 1994          Les Jardins de l'été. Colmar 
  • 1993          Galerie du Rhin, Colmar-Horbourg
  • 1992          Galerie Euros, Mulhouse (France)
  • 1990          Goethe Institut, Staufen, (Germany) 
  • 1990          Galerie Videmus, Freiburg, (Germany) 
  • 1988          Musée Bartholdi, Colmar (France)
  • 1987          Centre culturel de Sint-Niklaas. Bât. di Cipierage, (Belgium)
  • 1987          Atelier Bucciali, Colmar



Group shows (Selection)


  • 2015          Pas si love, édition 2, Galerie Bertrand Gillig
  • 2015          Paysage comtemporain, Galerie Bertrand Gillig 
  • 2014          Pas si Bêtes, édition 2, Galerie Bertrand Gillig
  • 2011          Ouverture, Galerie Bertrand Gillig
  • 2011          Papiers s'il vous plaît ! Galerie Bertrand Gillig – 
  • 2010          St-Art, International Art Fair, Strasbourg with Galerie Bertrand Gillig
  • 2009          Galerie Chantal Bamberger Strasbourg 
  • 2008          Editions Eric Linard Les acronymes 
  • 2008          Galerie Chantal Bamberger Strasbourg 
  • 2007          Espace d’art contemporain André Malraux Colmar 
  • 2004          Jardins des deux rives - Ceaac – Strasbourg-Kehl
  • 2003          Biennale du Carnet de Voyage Clermond-Fd
  • 2002          Galerie Lezard Colmar
  • 1999          St-Art, Intern. Art Fair, Strasbourg with Galerie Bertrand Gillig with Galerie Bucciali
  • 1997          Hanau, (Allemagne)
  • 1997           Schloss Philips Ruhe (Germany) 
  • 1997           Crac Alsace
  • 1995           Anghiari, (Italy)
  • 1995           Musée de la ville de Györ, (Hungary)
  • 1994           Fondation Transplantation, Colmar
  • 1994           Fondation Transplantation, Mulhouse
  • 1992           Traces + Signes-J.J.Henner
  • 1992           Crac Altkirch
  • 1991           Galerie du Faisan- Ardoises, Strasbourg
  • 1990           Atelier Rémy Bucciali (monotypes)
  • 1990           Galerie du Rhin, Colmar-Horbourg